The Caller

a practice gif for the title sequence
15th May 201414:08
Look what i can do with my long, long fingers and my red, red lips…
8th May 201418:44
The caller
6th May 201408:242 notes
You can’t sit with us
1st May 201415:21
Lunch Bench
1st May 201415:19
Berlin coffee stop
1st May 201415:181 note
15th Apr 201411:337 notes
Most definitely not perfect but here is my first animation done using Adobe After Effects. Excuse the chopped off limbs it was just a random drawing i scanned in from a sketch book.
3rd Apr 201418:101 note

This photo set does not show the images in its best light but here are some colour work outs of my final images

Opaque  by  andbamnan